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Iggle Pop

The Land of Fuzz is being invaded! The evil Zoogs are rounding up peaceful Iggles for some mysterious, diabolical purpose. Join our heroes Fizzy, Lizzy, Rizzo and Bozz in a quest to free the trapped Iggles and stop the Zoog invasion. Iggle Pop takes familiar elements from addictive classics like Pac-Man and Snake and combines them with a cast of irresistibly cute characters.

*Over 100 levels
*2 game modes: Adventure and Retro
*4 unlockable player characters
*Lots of fun Power-Ups
*Hero medals and local/global player rankings

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Featured Review
by Lattegato

"This game reminds me of a friendlier, fuzzier version of PacMan, with cute story line, better scenery, and some other good effects. Great game for kids. They get to choose between being a male or female Iggle and battle against cute, er, I mean, terribly ugly fuzzy yellow monsters. OOOoooOOOooooooOoOOooo. SCARY. lol. Honestly, I liked it. It's adorable."