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Play Wandering Willows!
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Evil forces have turned the once prosperous village of TiQal into a wretched ruin! You must make an epic journey across the land of the Ancient Maya to seek the help. Your journey will not be an easy one — enemies seek to block your path by erecting walls of magical blocks. Use your own magical blocks to break down the wall before it completely obstructs your path. Do you have the skill and courage to complete your quest, save your people from certain destruction, and even confront the Gods themselves?

*120 action-packed levels
*14 mind-blowing power-ups
*Collect ancient artifacts by Earning Achievements

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Featured Review
by Lattegato

"This game reminds me of a combination of Tetris and Super Collapse. With an interesting MesoAmerica adventure storyline in between levels. Also, there are some interesting historical facts thrown in for added measure."

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